Making the logo groove

Using animation to imbue sound, energy, and personality into a logo. 


Sam Becker (Creative Director)
Karen Yau (Design Director)
Jacob Lindell (Designer)


Design concepting

Opening note

ONMO is a "sound services" brand, allowing users to customize ringtones and discover music. As part of their move from a white-label B2B brand to a consumer-facing D2C brand, we developed a logo and visual identity that was energetic, vibrant, and embodied sound. My main contribution to the project was figuring out how it moves and reacts to music.

(I didn't want to autoplay this video with sound, but I recommend it. At least for a loop or two. No pressure.)



At some point this will (hopefully) be done with an algorithim…

…but I had to animate frame by frame. I used After Effect's Audio Spectrum tool to outline how a piece of music would effect the "bars," and then customized each frame in Adobe Illustrator.




Genre test

Even when stripped of color, imagery, and context, the logo is able to communicate the feeling of different sounds, styles, and genres. It can embody sophisticated jazz just as well as loud indie rock.

Genre animation tests. (Playing with sound is good.) (If you like jazz and/or indie rock and/or hip hop and/or the theme from "Jaws.")