Notepass is an app designed to instigate and facilitate fun and spontaneous interactions between individuals and small groups of friends or family. It aims to reimagine a message as something that can evolve, develop, and transform into something unexpected and entertaining.     

Using notepass

Notepass uses messages named notes. Every note is the same size, but it can be made up of a variety of elements.

Splash and New Note screens

Creating a note

Notes are created by adding text, a photo, a drawing, a stamp, or any combination of elements.

Text, Photo, and Drawing screens

Stamp and Combined screens

Pass a note

Choose a friend or a group of friends to pass the note to. Everyone who receives the note can edit the note.

Friend Selection screen

Editing a note

Anyone who receives the note can change the text, draw on top of it, add a stamp, anything. After a note has been edited, the user can “Pass” it back again to the group. Previous versions of the note are always available to go back to.

Edit and History screens

Evolution of a note

As edits get stacked on top of edits, the note can take on a life of its own, eventually turning into something far removed from the original note.